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Lists – Staying Power

When the enemy is trying different tactics to stop you from doing God’s will and work, exercise some staying power. How?

Staying Power from Nehemiah Chapters 1-6:

Ch. 1 Stay at your post: Refuse the enemy’s tactics; refuse to play his games. Trump the fear of harm and loss with faith in God.

Ch. 2 Stay the course: Get actively involved—do your part—when the strength and joy of God’s people are threatened or weakened.

Ch. 3 Stay with wisdom: Reason through where sin or unguarded moments will take you, and take their consequences seriously. “This affects more than me. It could affect generations after me.” “Refuse the evil; choose the good.”

Ch. 4 Stay encouraged: Rejoice and be strong knowing that God’s love and power are actively engaged on your behalf, and for your highest good.

Ch. 5 Stay ready and prepared: Share with others the truth that you know. Pass it on:

  • what you know of God, His word, and His ways,
  • what God has taught you concerning how life works and what our choices are,
  • what you know of the answers that people are looking for, and
  • what you know of how to resist the enemy.
  • Teach or share what can build up the strength and joy of God’s people.

 Ch. 6 Stay in God’s word: Read His instruction manual for life.

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  • Krystal Weeks

    Thank you for these reminders to guard our hearts and minds from the enemy’s tactics and to share the truths God has taught us.

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