Letter tiles spelling "Blessed"

Lists – Take the Time to Be Blessed

In our busy schedules, why is it good to take time to study Scripture?

1. It shows us who God is. It helps us to know Him.

2. It builds an appreciation, love, and respect for Him and His ways.

It answers our questions and offers solutions for our problems.

It tells us how to navigate life.

3. It shows us how to do life with God, and why that’s a good thing.

4. It helps us to know our place in life, where we fit in, and how we can be useful to God and a blessing to others.

It helps us to know how we should relate to fellow Christians and to people who aren’t.

5. It encourages satisfying relationships and gives us how-to’s for them.

6. When we combine study with faith, it changes who we are on the inside, what we do on the outside, and the whole course of our lives.

7. It helps us to be better, to be more—to be a better person, spouse, parent, friend, etc., and to be more loving, peaceful, content, effective, and so on.

It helps us to understand how life works best and to adjust to it.

It helps us to gain victory over the enticements of sin with its miseries, and to be able to avoid them in the present and future.

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