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Application of Scripture

On the Other Side of Confusion, Distress, and Regret

How does it feel to be swept up in the consequences of sin? Sometimes it’s our sin; sometimes we’re caught in the fallout of someone else’s sin. A careless word, a wrong decision, an unguarded moment, or a detrimental pattern of life ushers in a season of heaviness, sorrow, or struggle. What does it feel like to reap the consequences of harm, wrong, injury, or foolishness? Most of us know.

The consequences of sin trouble us in various forms. A fog of confusion creeps over us that is cold and unsettling. We don’t want this situation, but we can’t see how to fix it. We think, If I could just trace how it got this way; if I knew how things got so bad. Or a distressing uncertainty shakes our balance in life.

We’re unable to regain enough mental and emotional equilibrium to silence the anxiety, fear, pain, or sorrow that is plaguing us. We may feel paralyzed by helplessness, hemmed in by what was said or done. There’s no place to run for relief from guilt or regret. We think there’s no one that we can run to, who can rescue us or supply the answers that we so desperately need now. Or perhaps we can’t find any rest for our souls from the churning that occupies our hearts and minds and exhausts them. We can’t stop the grinding away of our joy and peace.

Isaiah Chapter 4 offers us substantial hope, a viable solution that brings relief. This solution is predicated on a choice—a choice that is good, a choice to do good, a choice to hold onto Someone who is good.

Good is waiting. Waiting to repair the damage that sin has done. Waiting to refresh us and revive us. Waiting to conquer what harms us. Waiting to drive away what hinders us. Good is waiting to see what our choices will be in our present circumstances. It’s waiting to see if we will listen, if we will heed, if we will act. Good is waiting to be ushered in with our sound choices. It’s waiting to infuse life with warmth and music again.

Isaiah Chapter 4 begins with what can happen when we don’t choose what is good, and then unfolds what happens and what is ours to possess, when we do. Good is waiting, and God is waiting—waiting for us to ask Him to set things right, for us.

From: Beebe Kauffman, Isaiah: Setting Things Right (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, LLC, 2013), 99.

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