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Prayer – Make Us Strong and Good

LORD, Help the people of our country to want life with You, and to follow Your ways and enjoy the benefits of that life.

Thwart the enemy’s tactics to encourage violence and division in our country.

Help the church to be a blessing to many in these troubling and uncertain times.

Help us to be strong, loving, sound, and effective.

May we love You best, and become real and proficient in Your ways. May we grow heart to heart and mind to mind to be like the One who loves us so much, and who fits and joins us together as a family and a team.

May joy be a constant and healthy motivator, one of many, that keeps the wind in our sails of ministry.

May the truth be preached and held in our hearts to be lived out, truth as it comes from Your heart and mind to ours.

Direct us to invest in the welfare of the church and participate in its work. May the church reach out to souls who don’t know You and have compassion on people who are bound, burdened, blind to Your great good; or wandering, hungry, and thirsty because of unmet needs and desires; or distracted from what is really important to their own well-being.

Help us to be used to further Your good purposes on earth, heart by heart.

Conform our love and value system to Yours.

Let us not live according to fears or insecurities. Help each of us to have a significant place among family and friends, and in the workplace and ministry.

Let our hearts and minds be swept clean of everything that obscures the truth or the work that needs to be done to share Your light and love. Open our hearts to see the many reasons why we should do “with.” Energize and inspire Your children for Your work on earth. Bind from us indifference, not seeing, not caring, being self-involved, complacency, and the love of sin. Let our hearts be swept clean and decluttered of everything that hinders Your work in us or Your work through us.

Help us, each of us, to live as Yours, and to be encouraged by how far-flung the reach and influence of goodness is. Let us be inspired to persist in goodness, because it helps, relieves, and blesses.

Fit us, shape us, and conform our lives to what is good. Let us live its facets, expressions, and nuances.

Make us strong and good, please, and may the result of that bless Your heart forever. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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