A young woman praying in a church service

Prayers – A Way Out or a Way Through

Dear Heavenly Father, I ask You to help me today with the battle I am facing. I ask You to provide a way out or a way through it. Give me strength to endure it and wisdom to know how to pray and fight. You never leave me nor forsake me, and I know You are with me now and are my comfort and strength. I believe I can do all things because You strengthen me. Help me to stand against Satan’s schemes with Your armor protecting me. Thank You for Your faithfulness! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

– Stephanie Pavlantos, “How to Withstand the Predator”

*This quotation comes from Feed Your Soul with the Word of God, Collection 1 (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, 2019), 15.  

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