A sign that says, "Time for Change"

Quotations – When You Are in a State of Transition

(Message from Johnnie  Moore at Shadow Mountain Community Church, 2016)

When You Are in a State of Transition:

1. Close the door on the past.

2. Don’t be drawn into a different value system. Don’t become like people who don’t believe like you.

3. Follow God. Don’t adapt to those around you to fit in. Don’t cave to peer pressure. Diligently follow God’s ways in your life because it may prove very important to someone else. What if the future is so great, we wouldn’t believe it?

4. Whatever transition or desert we are going through, the God who has all authority is ours, our God. He uses His power on our behalf. Deserts come before the Promised Land. God has never encountered a Red Sea that He couldn’t part.

5. Apply God’s Word in your changing circumstances. We can get through the desert, or transition, if we look to God, His love, and His power.

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