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Welcome to Our Weekday Posts

Our heart is to share Christian encouragement each weekday in short posts. Here’s what we’ll share. 

5 Categories, 5 Days a Week

  • Mondays – Quotations
  • Tuesdays – Bits of Wisdom
  • Wednesdays – Prayers
  • Thursdays – Lists
  • Fridays – Definitions & Insights/Writing Tips

We may switch out a category for a different one, like sharing a blog on Tuesdays or a writing tip for Bible-based writers on Fridays. We may send the occasional announcement too. And sprinkle in a Share-a-Meme. These will be pictures with quotations on them that you could share on social media. 

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If you subscribe by Friday, July 29, you’ll be entered into a giveaway of two copies of For Love’s Sake and this canvas.

July 29 Canvas Art

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