A crowd worshiping Jesus with His name on the wall
Bits of Wisdom

Bits of Wisdom – Because the Battle Rages On

We belong to a kingdom that cannot be shaken, and we serve a King who is supreme in authority, power, and love. The battle for people’s souls rages on, and our enemy wants to do everything he can to hurt the church and weaken her in our generation. Let’s not let him.

This Easter and throughout the year, remember the reality that Jesus has won for you. Live as a free, born-again child of God. Fight for the light, and spread God’s truth and love wherever you are. Our King is alive, and we serve a risen Savior!

– Katy Kauffman, “Our Risen King and the Reality He Has Won”

*This excerpt is taken from page 33 of our 2016 Easter Edition of Refresh Bible Study Magazine.   

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