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Lists – Hebrews – A Spiritual Partnership with Jesus

Hebrews: How to Have a Spiritual Partnership with Jesus

Ch. 1  Be overwhelmingly impressed with Jesus.

Ch. 2  Be impressed with Christ’s work on the cross.

Ch. 3 Be impressed enough to listen to what He tells you.

Ch. 4  Be impressed enough to rely on what He has done, and can do, for us.

Ch. 5  Be impressed enough to obey Him.

Ch. 6  Let Him lead you past first things, all the way to “perfection” (exactly what God wants).

He leads us to perfection, how?

Ch. 7  Jesus is a Priest who shows us what we should be doing to serve God, and He is a King who enables us to do it.

Ch. 8  Jesus mediates the new covenant that is written on the inside of who we (believers) are. The Christian life is an exercise in letting what has been placed in our hearts, erupt through to the surface, to be lived out in daily life.

Ch. 9  Jesus’ blood effected some awesome realities in us and for us.

Ch. 10  Jesus made a once-for-all sacrifice for sin, so don’t stay focused on how to deal with sin.

Ch. 11  Live according to the stature of these men and women of faith.

Ch. 12  What is the strength of your endurance?

Ch. 13  Do in your life what is pleasing to Christ.

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