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Lists – How to Cooperate with God

The Bible has great insights into how to do life well, and the first six chapters of Isaiah are no exception. These chapters encourage us to cooperate with God to set things right in our hearts, minds, and lives according to His awesome design and His loving plan. Sin mucks up the works, but God involves Himself in setting things right when we ask Him to.

The following are some of the insights and strategies of how we can cooperate with God to make a real and welcome change in our lives.

How can we cooperate with God to set things right?

Ch. 1 

Choose God over sin.

Accept the truth and practice it.

Worship God from the heart.

Replace doing harm with doing good.

Stay close to God, and live as His friend.

Ch. 2

Keep a God-centered reality within your heart that powers and drives everything else in your life.

Embrace God’s ways as your chosen lifestyle.

Turn pride’s spotlight off.

Don’t let anyone or anything assume God’s place at the center of your life.

Ch. 3

Read the instruction manual that God has given us, and stay within its boundaries.

Busy yourself in the good works of kindness and friendship.

Fight daily on the side of eternal good.

Stay on the paths that God has designated as having and producing great good.

When you are a leader of any group, always be God’s faithful servant.


Believe there will be a morning after the storm.

Remember that renewal and restoration are two of God’s major preoccupations.

Take hold of Jesus by faith, and discover that He is beautiful, glorious, excellent, and appealing.

Live within God’s embrace and under His tutelage.

Come home to God each day to refresh and restore your soul in His love, grace, mercy, peace, warmth, and the good purposes that He has for you.

Ch. 5

Keep cleaning any gunk out of your heart and mind.

Take in and live out the principles and strategies of life that are in God’s word.

Hold on to God so well that He has a pervasive influence in your heart and mind.

Allow the active, living, and powerful word of God to influence your attitudes, perspectives, priorities, and so on.

Bathe your inner reality in the word that cleanses, strengthens, and frees it from bad stuff.

Don’t dabble in sin.

Don’t blur the distinction between good and evil.

Ch. 6

When you hear God speak to your heart, act on it.

Take the opportunities that God gives you to see Him for who He truly is.

Serve God with a burning passion.

Regularly consider the attributes of God’s character and the glories of His power.

Be inspired by God’s glory and mercy, to get involved on His behalf.

Do the work that God gives you.

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