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Prayer – Sons and Daughters of God Most High

Father, thank You for the two to three billion Christians in the world today. That’s a formidable number; help us to make our part of it count. Give us opportunities to share in the world what we know of You, Your word, and life with You. Lead us to share these things in appealing and compelling ways so that more people will be drawn to You and come to know the wonders of who You are and what You do in our daily lives.

Help us to make love, goodness, and honor our way of life. May we speak up according to Your leadership, pitch in to help others, and exercise the joy-causing skills that we have learned from You. Help us to be sons and daughters of God Most High in the world, children who live out their Father’s likeness in our sphere of influence. Guide us, equip us, and give us Your loving and comforting companionship as we do all that is in Your heart for us to do. May we be a blessing to this generation, worldwide. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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