Child and father

Lists – Knowing God

Why would anyone want to know God?

He cares about people and knows how to show it.

He cares about people when we forget, and He reminds us.

He is warmhearted regardless of how He is treated.

He is sharp-minded and quick-witted; no one can outthink Him or outsmart Him.

He has what is needed for every situation, and He shares with us.

He is nice and cheerful.

He sings, He laughs, He enjoys.

He fights and wins.

He is strong, inventive, and creative.

He is always thinking of others.

He thinks of good things to do.

He sticks it out when things get hard.

He grieves with us and for us; He rejoices with us and for us.

He goes to the trouble that it takes to accomplish goals and to keep His promises.

He gets between us and trouble, sometimes. He stands back and lets us try. He lets us falter and fail sometimes, and He helps us to try again so we can grow and learn.          

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