A shepherd and his herd

Lists – Three Ways to Summarize the Message of John Ch. 10

The Gospel of John: Believe in Jesus, that is, get to know Him, choose Him for yourself,

and live in union and fellowship with Him.

Ch. 10  Believe in Jesus: He is the Good Shepherd.

v.1-6      His privilege:  The sheep follow only the Shepherd.

v.7-10    His position:   I am the door for them to salvation and abundant life.

v.11-21  His plan:         I will give My life for them.

v.22-30  His promise:   I will give them eternal life.

v.31-39  His proof:       Believe Me because of My works.

v.40-42  His purpose:   “Many believed in Him there” (v.42 NKJV).

Or: Ch. 10  Tell us plainly if You are the Christ.

v.1-10    I am the door of the sheep.

v.11-14  I am the Good Shepherd.

v.15-21  I lay down My life for the sheep.

v.22-30  I and My Father are one.

v.31-42  My works testify that the Father is in Me, and I in Him.

Or: The Good Shepherd of Wise, Secure Sheep

v.1-6     The sheep know His voice.

v.7-10   The sheep won’t hear thieves or robbers.

v.11-21 The Good Shepherd cares for the sheep, and gives His life for them.

v.22-30  No one can snatch them from the Shepherd.

v.31-42  The sheep believed the truth and the evidence concerning the Shepherd.

(wise “sheep” – they believed Him;

   – they won’t hear and follow thieves, robbers, or strangers)

(secure “sheep” – because of who He is, they are safe)

– Beebe Kauffman, A Whole Lot of Wonderful: Application of the New Testament for Today

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