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Application of Scripture

Matthew Ch.s 11-20: How to Live by Faith


(Shorter chapter summaries)
Ch. 11  Respond to truth with rest.

Ch. 12  Don’t settle for the sidelines.

Ch. 13  Sow the truth and heaven’s influence.

Ch. 14  Have a strong enough faith to act on.

Ch. 15  Be linked to Jesus.

Ch. 16  Don’t be clueless.

Ch. 17  Keep learning from Jesus.

Ch. 18  Be humble, and be great.

Ch. 19  Value what God values.

Ch. 20  Serve God and others.


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Ch. 11  Let the evidence of the truth lead you to rest in Jesus.

Ch. 12  Don’t be blind to, or bound from, the greatness of Jesus’ ministry.

Ch. 13  Sow the seed (the word) and the influence of the kingdom of heaven into the hearts of those around you.

Ch. 14  Be strong in faith: apply the truth to the situation at hand, and act on it.

Ch. 15  Be steadfast in faith: continue with Jesus.

Ch. 16 Don’t be clueless: Jesus won’t do all of your thinking for you.

Ch. 17  Learn Jesus’ personal lessons of faith.

Ch. 18  Aspire to be great in the kingdom of heaven.

Ch. 19  Follow Godly values.

Ch. 20  What do you wish? (v.21, 32)—desire to serve God and others as Jesus did, even to the giving of His life.

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