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Application of Scripture

Matthew Ch.s 21-28: How to Live by Faith


(Shorter chapter summaries)

Ch. 21 Work faithfully for God.

Ch. 22  Know the Scriptures.

Ch. 23  Don’t follow hypocrites.

Ch. 24  Endure tribulations.

Ch. 25  Be an investor.

Ch. 26  Be constant in love, courage, and commitment.

Ch. 27  Show with your life what Jesus means to you.

Ch. 28  Share with others.


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Ch. 21 Work in God’s vineyard (His kingdom) as His steward and trustee.

Ch. 22  Those who refuse the truth may try to entangle you in it; so know the Scriptures and rely on Jesus to help you.

Ch. 23  Don’t follow hypocritical teachers or leaders.

Ch. 24  Endure the tribulations that precede the end times, as a faithful and wise servant; endure to the end.

Ch. 25  Invest wisely, faithfully, and righteously until the Son of Man comes again.

Ch. 26  Be inspired by Jesus, to be constant in love, courage, and commitment.

Ch. 27  The true value of the Son of God was given on the cross. What is He worth to you, and how does it show in your life of faith?

Ch. 28  Go and tell (or teach)—this is the stewardship of faith.

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