Footprints in the sand

Prayer – Walking in God’s Ways

Father, we trust that Your ways are best. Help us to walk in them and avoid the harm and loss that come from living in opposition to You. Train and direct us to walk in what is good for ourselves and for our relationships with others. When we fail, forgive us as we confess our sins and turn from them to You. Help us to be good leaders and good followers. When You put us in any leadership role in the church, the family, business, or any other affiliation, help us to be loving, kind, respectful, skilled, helpful, fruitful, and useful. Let us invest ourselves in those endeavors that have eternal rather than worldly value. Thank You for the leadership role that You take in the lives of Your children, and for the great good that it effects within us and among us. In Jesus’ name, Amen.  – Beebe Kauffman, Isaiah: Setting Things Right 

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