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Special Series, Day 14: What is Jesus doing today?

Thursday – Lists

14. Jesus works in our lives as a Godly leader.

What are Godly leaders supposed to be doing? (based on application from Isaiah Ch. 31)

  • Relieve oppression among the people.  (Isaiah 3:5)
  • Uphold respect for each other.  (v.5)
  • Deal with problems.  (v.7)
  • Promote righteousness.  (v.10)
  • Lead the people in godliness by example and instruction, and cooperate with God to help establish His paths in their lives.  (v.12)
  • Tend the “vineyard” instead of ruining it.  (v.14)
    a. Promote growth, health, and fruit among the people.
    b. Protect the poor rather than take advantage of them.
    (“poor” – needy, afflicted, weak, or lowly2)
  • Bless rather than oppress.  (v.15)

This is how Jesus is relating to believers today, and it is what He is training our church leaders to do.


1. Based on: Beebe Kauffman, Isaiah: Setting Things Right (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, LLC, 2013), 94.

2. Larry Pierce, The Online Bible, CD-ROM (Winterbourne, Ontario: Larry Pierce, 2007), Isaiah 3:14.

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