Woman holding a cross and praying to God

Special Series, Day 17: What is Jesus doing today?

Tuesday – Bits of Wisdom

17. As we follow Jesus, He helps us to be joyful, free, and useful.

Follow Me. (Matthew 4:19 AKJV*)

Matthew Ch. 4’s application for today:  

Follow Jesus to become what you ought to be: victorious over temptation, no longer ruled by sin, skillful and effective in ministry, a follower of Jesus, and directed by Jesus to help as He mends souls and lives.1

Hebrews’ related book title:

Know Jesus in His capacity to draw us past first things, on to exactly what God wants (“perfection”).

Insight: So, Jesus has the leadership role, the shepherding role, of growing us up in Godliness, love, soundness (able to bear the weight of life), wholeness (not missing anything necessary for an abundant life), skill, and usefulness.


*American King James Version. Public Domain.

1. Based on: Beebe Kauffman, A Whole Lot of Wonderful: Application of the New Testament for Today (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, LLC, 2018), 41-42.

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