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Application of Scripture

Understand the Greatness of Jesus’ Authority and Power

Read Matthew Chapter 8 first, and then read this application about the chapter.

Matthew Ch. 8: Understand the greatness of Jesus’ authority and power, and make personal application of them.

Make personal application:

v.1-4  Jesus is willing and able to cleanse us of sin, so ask Him to do it for you.

v.5-13  Jesus has the authority to make things happen, so appeal to Him on behalf of others.

How great is His power?

v.14-15  Jesus has the power to make us well enough to serve Him.

v.16-17  Jesus has the power to cast out what torments us, and to heal us of whatever diseases our souls.

OR  v.14-17  Jesus can help those who are possessed by torment or who need healing, so bring them to Him.

Understand the purposes of Jesus’ power:

v.18-20  Don’t expect Jesus’ power to be invested in setting up an earthly kingdom, or in accumulating earthly treasure.

OR  Don’t follow Jesus for the wrong reason.

v.21-22  Don’t delay in following Jesus, for any reason.

How great is His power?

v.23-27  Jesus has the power to see us through all the storms of life.

OR  Don’t be afraid: let the certainty of Jesus’ authority and power diminish your fear in the storms of life.

v.28-34  Jesus has the power to deliver us from whatever destructive forces live within us, so value that deliverance above temporal things.

*This excerpt comes from Beebe Kauffman, A Whole Lot of Wonderful—Application of the New Testament for Today (Buford, Georgia: Lighthouse Bible Studies, 2018), 49-50.  

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